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Date: Sat 6 Aug 83 17:25:29-PDT
From: The Mailer Daemon <Mailer@SRI-AI.ARPA>
Subject: Message of 27-Jul-83 17:10:17

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Date: Wed 27 Jul 83 17:10:17-PDT
From: Mabry Tyson <Tyson@SRI-AI.ARPA>
Subject: Redefining WRITE FILE
To: bug-emacs%MIT-OZ@MIT-MC.ARPA

I wanted to redefine Write File and ^R Save File so that with a ^U arg
they would write directly to the output file name rather than to [TECO].OUTPUT.
The reason for this is to be able to write a file into someone else's
directory where the output file gets the default protection of 775200.
That means if you, with group rights to the directory, write the temp file,
you won't be able to rename it to the desired file.  This is avoided if
you write directly to the desired file.

Anyway, I grabbed the definitions of the two functions, changed them
appropriately, added a SETUP, and stuck it all into a library
([SRI-AI]<TYSON>WRITEFILE.EMACS).  I compiled it and then loaded it.
^R Save File got loaded ok but Write File seemed to have been ignored.
The newly bound ^X^W runs the old Write File, the new ^R Save File runs
the old Write File, calling M-X Write File gets the old one.  Doing a
List Library on it indicates that the setup and the two functions are
there, each bound to the appropriate keys.

If I change the name of Write File throughout my library to XWrite File,
it all works as it should.  That indicates to me that the problem is not
in my file.

Any ideas?  Is there something special about Write File?

By the way, I suggest that these changes be made to the standard Twenex
Emacs.  It might be desirable to change the argument to do this to be
16 rather than 4 (since some people may be used to doing ^U^X^S to auto-

Also, note that I haven't done more than confirm that my changes seem to
work and don't seem to affect normal operation.  I don't have much
experience with them yet.