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Still buggy after all these years...

I'm getting very tired of losing work to the same EMACS bugs all the
time.  I've sent in at least five bug reports, all documenting
essentially the same collection of bugs, and have never ever gotten
back even an acknowledgement that anyone has seen them, much less
tried to find out what causes them.

Would someone PLEASE express an interest in FIXING some bugs?  These
bugs cause my EMACS to get illegal memory reads and writes, not to
mention illegal and undefined opcodes.  No one has ever asked to see a
crashdump, and I'm certainly not going to leave one around to hog 350
blocks in the vain hope that one of these years someone will decide to
look at it.

If anyone \is/ interested in fixing these rather serious bugs in
EMACS, please tell me.  I'll send you my bug reports, a crashdump, and
anything else you need to see.  I'm losing a working EMACS roughly
five times a day these days, and often am losing substantial amounts
of work when it croaks.  I really can't believe that no one is
interested in fixing such fundamental bugs in EMACS, bugs that have
been biting other pepole regularly as well.

If someone wants to help, thanx.