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FS OSPEED problem

It's OK to set FS OSPEED to something equal to or lower than the
baud rate (obviously).  This is advantageous if you're running at
1200 baud and EMACS thinks you're at 9600.  By setting FS OSPEED
you can avoid the extra padding.  I believe, also, that you get
a slightly different behavior at speeds 1200&below with the ^V/M-V
commands on terminals supporting I/D line.

Kronj has already pointed out that the problem you're experiencing
is due to your terminal buffer overflowing and sending ^S in the
ASCII XON-XOFF protocol.  While it's possible to get Twenex
to pay attention to these characters while EMACS is running, it's
not very useful since you can't use the ^S or ^Q keys as commands
or inside strings.