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FS OSPEED problem

Emacs version 162   Teco version 118010

I am having a problem when I use fs ospeed to set my terminal speed,
as described on p.166 of the emacs manual (AI memo 555, 7 Oct 81).
I am connected over an ethernet so the default value for the flag is zero.
In order to speed up redisplay, my init file changes the value to 300
whenever it is zero.  This causes the ^R Kill Region command to pop
into incremental search mode during the subsequent redisplay.
The problem can be seen in barest form by doing the following:-
Start Emacs without any personal init file

Use minibuffer to set the flag


Find a file - does not seem to matter what it is


Set mark at the top, then move down 12 lines


Kill the region


During the residplay the screen gets a few garbage characters and Emacs
enters incremental search mode - prompted at bottom of screen.  The buffer
is OK, with the region deleted as it should be.


The problem was discovered when connected over an ethernet, but has been
reproduced when connected by hard wired line (9600 baud).  

Thanks in advance for your help,

Martin Giles