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cli interrupts and emacs

    Date: 21 June 1983 01:27 EDT
    From: Patrick G. Sobalvarro <PGS>
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but once upon a time I seem to remember having
    Emacs uderstand that I'd gotten my screen bashed and redisplay it after a
    CLI interrupt as soon as I typed a character.  This was a nice feature,
    something Twenex emacs couldn't do because of the way tty messages work
    there.  Well, it doesn't work anymore.  After a CLI interrupt, when I
    type characters, my Emacs doesn't redisplay at all.  It doesn't do anything
    until I type something like ^L, which is an ECHOIN break character.  Is
    ECHOIN broken?

CStacy has complained of something like this in the past.  DCP, I believe,
claimed to have seen this too.  I have never seen it.  Is it reproducable?

(I don't see how ECHOIN can itself be at fault, this works by having Emacs
enable %PIATY interrupts, but perhaps emacs does does something bogus when
it finds that this interrupt occured during an ECHOIN.  I am pretty sure I
have tested that case trying to reproduce this lossage, but I have never
seen it fail...  I just tried to find the source of TECO, but I couldn't, I
wonder where it is?)