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MM Write File$ problems

First some background . . .

I have a directory on Speech with a whole mess of subdirectories (all
off the public structure, although I doubt that matters).  Every time
I was connected to (say) Ss:<Sr.Kaufman.Emacs> and tried to write a
file to, for instance, Ss:<Sr.Kaufman.Lispm>, I would get an error
saying that I needed write or owner access to the source file.  I
finally got sick of trying different protection codes (file protection
codes, directory protection codes, default file protection codes --
aieeee!) and wrote a quick hack into MM Write File that always tried
to connect to a directory before writing into it.  I called Tcompile
on it and everything worked beautifully, so I installed it in the
library my init file loads.

Now the problem . . .

When I load my Init file, somehow my MM Write File gets ignored and
the default one is used.  If I do a Tcompile on the source code, the
problem goes away again until I start a new Emacs.  Short of the ugly
solution of calling Tcompile on my Write File as part of my init
library, does anybody know how to fix this problem?  (Actually, I
suppose the proper solution might be to set up the myriad protection
codes properly, but I couldn't figure out how to do that.  I don't
even know if it's possible!)

	- David