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I have a handle on the Space Indent Flag bug with MIDAS mode.  As you may
remember, the symptoms are that Space Indent Flag gets globally set to 1
whenever MIDAS mode is entered.  This causes autofilling in other buffers
to lose and do a TAB at the beginning of every line.

Here is the first part of the code for MIDAS Mode:

    M(M.M &_Init_Buffer_Localsâ—Š)    !* See comment at top of file.!
    ←[2 FQ2:"G :I2 MIDAS◊'
    1,1M.L Space_Indent_Flagâ—Š
    1,32 M.L Comment_Columnâ—Š
    1,(:I*;â—Š) M.L Comment_Startâ—Š

Note that M.L is given the 1, argument meaning to assume the local doesn't
alredy exist.  This is done on the Comment Column variable also, but it
doesn't have this losing behavior.  Neither of these variables is created
by MIDAS mode -- they both already exist.

If I reverse the order above, and make Comment Column be set before Space
Indent Flag, the lossage doesn't happen to either variable.

If anyone knows what's going on, please take a look at it.  I wrote out a
new version of USRCOM with the change.