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Re: ^X^W and GTJFN defaults

Which parts of the output filename are defaulted (or can be defaulted)
when you do ^X^W is controlled by some variable whose content can vary
from site to site.  For example, I have the following function which I
bind to ^X^W, which causes deafulting on write, but not on read (which
I find annoying...)  See info:tecord.info for more on ET MODE$

!* -*-TECO-*- *!

!BillWs Write File:! !∩ write a file with defaults!
31F[:ET MODEâ—Š			    !* save old GTJFN bits, and use defaults!
@M(M.M Write_Fileâ—Š)		    !* call ordinary write file routine!
F]:ET MODEâ—Š			    !* restore old BITS!