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Would you believe a new feature in ITS EMACS?

Now that I have the head of this dinky unix box on my desk instead of
my trusty VT100 hardwired to a PDP-10, I seem to have accidently
rewired my brain so that the <Tab> key means <Complete> (I also have
to suppress the tendency to type lisp forms in my *Scratch* buffer,
but that's another story).

So, I taught & Read Command Name$ that <Tab> is a synonym for
<Altmode>.  Source is in AI: EMACS1; CRL 208.  Read not if ye be faint
of heart....

The stuff in AI: EMACS1; doesn't appear to be a complete set of
sources: some of the files have unlikely version numbers, and EINIT is
unable to generate a new [PURE] > from what's there.  Perhaps we
should do something about this before XX evaporates.  Anybody there
who can explain what the current state of the AI sources is believed
to be?