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OZ seems to be running EMACS 165, where XX is running a version 169.
However, the version running on XX doesn't seem to be able to read JCL; from
the outside, it looks like it may never have gotten the changes that GZ made
to implement JCL-reading.  When I say JCL-reading, I mean that the sucker
should be able to see altmodes in the JCL and run it as TECO code, so that
one can do, for example,

emacs $m(m.mRead Mail⊗◊)⊗◊⊗◊

which works on OZ, but blows out on XX.

I guess it looks from here like there's been some sort of version-splitting,
if XX has a later version number that doesn't include earlier fixes.  Can
someone make everything all better?