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kill bug

I did the following sequence:

Move to a line and get two words from the end of the line...
Kill to end of line (C-K). 		; kill 1
Add some text.
Go to next line (C-N).
Back up two words (M-B twice).
Kill to end of line (C-K).  		; kill 2
Do C-Y, M-Y to get back the line I killed just above.
Next line.
Back 2 words.
Kill to end of line.  			; kill 3
C-Y, M-Y.

Voila! The previous kill (kill 2) to end of line is NOT there to yank back!!!!
Not only that, but repeated M-Y's shows me that the second kill

I just reproduced this and got the same results even if I did not add text
after the first kill. Is it our NIC implementation only?  I would imagine so..

This needs to be fixed!

I have reproduced this now several times.  I will be happy to
show anyone what I've done... (but knowing my luck when I show the
Doctor, the symptoms will go away.....)