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I was referred to you by one of your colleagues. I've got big problems
with CTRL-S and CTRL-Q with VT100s on TOPS-20 with EMACS. Things are OK
at 1200 baud, but above that, problems - several users are at 9600.
In my EMACS.CTL, inside the TECO stuff where switches are set, I have

I'm not sure what the last one does as I got my CTL file from Philip Morris

Is there anything that can be set to turn off the CTRL-S and CTRL-Q
commands and remap their functions ala the C132 mode?

When Emacs comes up it is showing Incremental search command, so
my init file(in which I try to remap CTRL-S and CTRL-Q) doesn't
take effect before the CTRL-S gets through. I'd appreciate
any help/advice you can give.
 Thanks very much.


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