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Directory access problems on XX

    Date: Friday, 2 January 1987  17:46-EST

    Rob, that's a good theory, but alas there is no file
    xx:<psz.mail>*.output.*, so of course deleting it and expunging have
    no effect.  Indeed, I am still having this same emacs problem, being
    unable to write anything to that directory.  Both the directory
    protection and default file protections are all 7's, and there are no
    deleted files in the directory to give "sticky" protection bits, so
    I'm still puzzled at what is happening.

[PHOTO:  Recording initiated  Mon 5-Jan-87 11:25AM]

 MIT TOPS-20 Command Processor 5(312155)-2
XX!cd psz.mail
XX!v *.output

 ^V[TECO^V].OUTPUT.13;P774000   1 8(7)       31-Dec-86 15:39:42 PSZ       
      .14;P774000           1 8(7)       31-Dec-86 15:44:00 PSZ       
      .15;P774000           1 7(7)        2-Jan-87 17:40:04 PSZ       
      .16;P774000           1 7(7)        2-Jan-87 17:42:15 PSZ       

 Total of 4 pages in 4 files

[PHOTO:  Recording terminated  Mon 5-Jan-87 11:26AM]