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Directory access problems on XX

Delete and expunge XX:<PSZ.MAIL>[TECO].OUTPUT.*.  Note the file
protection on that file before you delete it.

You hit an obscure and long-standing EMACS bug.  The short explanation
is that EMACS -always- writes to dev:<dir>[TECO].OUTPUT then renames
that file to be the real filename, because EMACS thinks it's still
running on ITS where this is the Right Thing.

Clearly you built the directory, used EMACS, it bombed, so you changed
the directory protections to something more useful (like gave yourself
group access).  But the first dead EMACS left a [TECO].OUTPUT file
with the bad protection, so the protection perpetuated itself (no,
EMACS can't fix this for you, think about it).

I doubt this will ever get fixed, since it only shows up when
directory parameters are set wrong and it is a real bear to try and do