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Losing a minor mode

Maybe a bug, maybe my VARS file:

In my vars file (oz:<afb>emacs.vars) there is a TeX mode hook
defined as follows ( I stole most of it):

TeX Mode Hook:"1,(M.M^R Dictionary Lookup Word◊)M.Q...∩$◊w
!*               1M.LAuto Fill Modeâ—Šw  !
!*              :I*\â—ŠM.LParagraph Delimiterâ—Šw !
		0mm& Alter ..Dâ—Š\Aâ—Šw  !* no expand after \  (do it in tex) !
               5*≡` :f¬..D_(◊w !* Flash single quotes like parens!
               5*≡' :f¬..D_)`◊" !* Flash single quotes like parens!
 !* Keep the previous line last in the Tex Mode Hook!
 !* (because of the right single quote)!

Here's the problem.  Since the Auto-Fill is commented out, it
doesn't start up automatically, which is fine.  Often in TeX one
doesn't want filling of equations and the like.  But when writing
plain text, I set auto fill mode on, but leave the mode as TeX
mode to check dollar signs etc.  However, if I leave the buffer,
(to some other buffer), or exit emacs and then return to the TeX
buffer, SOMETIMES I have lost the auto-fill mode.  I haven't done
a systematic check of when I lose auto-fill and when not.

Any suggestions?

Thanx -- afb