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emacs lossage

    Date: Wed, 22 Oct 86 18:44:59 EDT
    From: Ray Hirschfeld <RAY at AI>
    Emacs on AI has been dying on me repeatedly over the last few days.
    It always chokes in the same place, with a message like:

    .VAL 0; 6767>>MOVEM 6,1377  6/   177  1377/   176

    A quick peek reveals that this immediately follows a .call corblk,
    which I guess is failing.

    Proceeding the job makes it work until the next try.

Well, a quick peek at your directory reveals:

AI   RAY   
FREE BLOCKS #0=285 #1=2674 
  0   TS     E       59 +161 ! 10/21/86 11:27:25 (10/22/86) 

A look at this file reveals that it is an SBLK file, so it is unlikely that
this is an EMACS that you dumped out for yourself intentionally.
(Especially since it appears to be a vanilla EMACS with no libraries
loaded.)  Perhaps you should delete this file.