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	I have an EMACS problem that you may be able to help me

	We have Teleray-1061 terminals, and EMACS uses its delete
	line capability to make screen refreshes neater.  Apparently
	EMACS also knows that the delete line function is slow,
	because it handles the Teleray differently at slow line
	speeds than it does at higher speeds.

	We're about to put our modems on a DEC terminal server.  LAT
	jobs go in on virtual terminals, so the DEC-20 doesn't know
	what the user's actual line speed is, and it reports it as
	indeterminate.  EMACS assumes that this means the user is
	on a high-speed lines, with the result that Teleray screen
	refreshes are *very* slow when it's using delete line.

	I can get my users around this problem by having them set
	their terminal type to VT52, but it's a shame to give up the
	nice Teleray features just because of this problem.

	Is there a way to order EMACS to handle the Teleray as if
	it were on a slow speed line?

	(It looks to me like TECPUR is doing an MTOPR to determine
	the line speed, and is making various decisions based on
	what it finds.  Is there a way to interfere with this
	decision-making process at EMACS level?)