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VTxxx madness

Folks -

     In modern versions of TOPS-20 there are now the following forms
of VT100 terminal types defined by DEC:
 . VT100	basic VT100
 . VT102	VT100 with advanced video (24 lines in 132 column mode,
		can mix character highlight modes) and printer port
		(includes insert/delete mode)
 . VT125	VT100 with graphics engine, can't disable Auto XON/XOFF
 . VT131	VT102 plus buffer and hardware flow control, I think you
		can disable Auto XON/XOFF on this one
 . VT132	reputed to be functionally the same as a VT131.
 . VT200	DEC's latest generation

     The problem is, EMACS only defines types for VT100 and VT132.  There
doesn't seem to be any way to have multiple terminal type codes for the
same EMACS type.  I think it would work to have VT102 = VT131 = VT132 =
VT200 = ANSI.  Would this be hard to put into the next version of EMACS?

     It would also be nice if there was a single assembly switch which
disabled all padding and also disabled EMACS' trapping of XON/XOFF.