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Emacs and TECO sources

I just moved the directories .TECO., EMACS, and EMACS1 from MC to AI.  I
don't know what status these directories have as the "official" homes of
any source files, but whatever status they have should now be transfered to
to AI.  

Reproduced below is the system message I posted to explain the MC to AI
migration procedure:

The source files for everything vital to an ITS, which have been living on
MC, are being moved to AI one directory at a time.  Copies are being left
on MC for completeness.  When a directory has been copied to AI, the file
 MOVED TO AI is added to the MC version of the directory.

Once a directory is copied to AI in this fashion, AI becomes its home.
After that, modifications done to the version on MC may be lost.

If you want to change anything related to ITS or important programs (e.g.
MacLisp, MIDAS) during this transition, look for the file
 MOVED TO AI on the MC version of the directory -first-.  If that file does
not exist, that directory still lives on MC and changes should be made
there; if the file does exist, make your changes on AI.