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Re: aaa support

Mail-From: SHEP created at  3-Dec-85 10:58:58
Date: Tue 3 Dec 85 10:58:58-EST
From: Timothy J. Shepard <SHEP@MIT-EECS>
Subject: Re: aaa support
cc: bug-emacs@MIT-EECS
In-Reply-To: <12164175016.18.DCA@MIT-EECS>
Message-ID: <12164180464.26.SHEP@MIT-EECS>

We don't really do EMACS maintenance here.  See if the problem exists
on OZ and send mail to BUG-EMACS on Oz.

You can change the terminal length from the EXEC.  (Use the "term
length" command.)

I'm not sure that I've ever seen EMACS (or any other editor) use the
insert-character feature on any terminal.  It would probably be
non-trivial to implement also.  Think of what would have to be done if
the line was wider than the terminal width and a character was

Does gnuemacs use insert character?  (Just curious.)
Just for your interest, GNUemacs, as well as whatever "emacs" brings
up on eddie, uses the insert-character, and also the delete-character
sequences.  They stop using it when the end of the line approaches the
right margin of the screen.