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dumped emacs bug ?

I dumped my emacs again, after reading someone's message to do so. But
funny things seem to happen with this dumped version (in oz:<sundar>emacs.exe)
(It was dumped in a manner identical to my previous dumps).
First, when it starts up it seems to have flow control turned on 
(I've noticed this when I am supdupped in) - control-s and control-q garbage
the screen occasionally.
Secondly, finding files seems to get a Q-register not string or buffer, or
Attempt to macro a meaningless number. 
Thirdly, suspending and resuming emacs causes it to go into a wierd state
displaying "& Ledit Execute Jcl - Ambiguous function name" error message.
Could someone explain to me what's happened to emacs or is my emacs.vars file
got funniness that I am not able to see?