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Modified ^R MMAIL YANK in the MMAIL.EMACS Library

	I know that this may not be the right forum, but I have modified
the ^R MMAIL YANK command in the MMAIL.EMACS Library to do the

!^R MMAIL Yank:! !^R Insert the current message (one being replied to)
Indents arg spaces (default 4).  Leaves point and mark around inserted text.
If the variable MMAIL PRUNE HEADERS is nonzero, a cleanup of the
headers is performed leaving only the Date, From, and Subject fields.!

	The message can be yanked in the middle of text and the original
text will not be modified or indented at all.  With all the headers in
mail messages, I found this feature to be very useful.  Maybe the
default should be to prune headers.

If anyone is interested in this modification, it is available via

	- Peter