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emacs and ansi-vt100 mode

I am using a terminal that emulates a VT100 in ANSI mode along with
a modem to dialup XX.  When I set my terminal type to ANSI-VT100,
emacs displays an irritating behavior.

Whenever I insert a character into the middle of a line, emacs
seems to delete from the cursor to the end of line, display the
character, and then redisplay the deleted portion of the line.
A similar thing happens when I try to delete a character in the middle
of a line.  This is obviously very slow and irritating at 1200 baud.
My manual seems to indicate that ESC [ n @ will insert n blank characters
from the cursor position and that ESC [ n P will delete n character from
the cursor position and it indicates that this is part of the ANSI mode

Is there a reason for deleting to end of line and redisplaying the
modified, deleted portion each time a character is inserted or deleted
instead of making use of the escape sequences?
If not, could someone please hack emacs to make use of these sequences?

Thanks,   Mark Tuttle (tuttle@xx)