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RMAIL display problem - yet more data

Well, with considerable pain I was able to cause an example of
this lossage while keeping a TCP datagram log.  However, the log
doesn't show what I expected; I was looking for the stretch of
duplicated text that I observed, and couldn't find it.  There are
some retransmissions but they are all correct.

Until GSB commented on the fact that the extra stuff seemed to be
a duplicate of previous stuff, I hadn't noticed this attribute, but
since then I've checked every instance and this appears to be always
true.  Something somewhere is being retransmitted or re-used.

Since this happens with both CTN (CRTSTY SUPDUP) and TOPS-20 TN,
it isn't a TOPS-20 user-program problem.  Since the outgoing datagram log on
MC shows no problems, the obvious deduction is that this looks like a
TOPS-20 monitor problem.  As it happens, the duplicated stuff does appear
to correspond to a re-packetized TCP segment.  More tests will be
necessary to confirm this, however.

This also implies that GSB's problem is actually something different
from this one.  Since he mentioned it happening with PEEK, I think
we should confine further discussion to BUG-ITS and leave out
BUG-RMAIL,TECO,EMACS unless more information turns up.