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RMAIL display problem

Some additional data which supports the theory that a user-program or
ITS TTY bug may be involved:

Date: Thu, 18 Jul 85 22:40:40 EDT
From: Glenn S. Burke <GSB@MIT-MC.ARPA>
Subject: RMAIL display problem
Message-ID: <[MIT-MC.ARPA].581085.850718.GSB>

All the times i have seen such an error i have been able to find duplicated
text on the screen and the supposition was that it was a duplicated
tcp packet or something like that.  I have seen this both internetting
from ru-net to here (from a 20) and i believe just within rutgers
(tops-20 -> tops-20 just on ru-net).
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 85 23:45:04 EDT
From: Glenn S. Burke <GSB@MIT-MC.ARPA>
Subject: tty lossage
Message-ID: <[MIT-MC.ARPA].582348.850719.GSB>

well maybe i should take back what i said last night.
I'm coming from a microvax vaxstation running a vt100 emulator window,
running decnet to a 750 (corwin) from whence i'm doing chaosnet supdup
to mc.  The window size is 94 wide by 55 high [i TOLD it 96 wide at this
end, you know how these things are...]  anyway, i have a two screen long
(at this screen size) message, and if i have it redisplay the first and
get a space (in rmail, go to next screen) before it finishes, it invariably
fucks up.

anyway, there ain't no tcp in THIS network path.