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Long filenames

    Date: Thu, 18 Jul 85 13:59:00 EDT
    From: David Vinayak Wallace <GUMBY at MIT-MC.ARPA>

    You have one?  

Yea, like for example oz:kansas:prog-d;archives;recent-mail txt >.

		   What do you do about all the people who expect the
    cfilename components o be SIXBIT?

Since most of emacs works on twenex as well, this expectation can't be as
unavoidable as one might think (This is not to say that there isn't a lot
of code which does assume this, just that it's fixable).  I don't care if
there is some set of esoteric ITS-only commands which doesn't handle long
filenames, I'd just like basic stuff like ^X^F and ^X^W to work.

How about if we write a GTJFN and JFNS simulation for ITS and just use the
TOPS-20 code? :-)

Seriously though, if somebody puts long filename handling into Teco, I'm
willing to go and fix up whatever Emacs code needs fixing up.