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Re: Help?

During my INIT file (well, at the beginning and the end, at least),
there is no string stored in Buffer Filenames.  Trying to fetch a
string from it under such circumstances gives a QNS error.  However,
if you enter the minibuffer while in a buffer that has a file loaded
into it, Buffer Filenames does contain a filename.

To diagnose this, do the following:

1.  Start your EMACS with that init file.

2.  Wait for the QNS <dink> and then type a question mark to enter the

3.  Wait for the failing code to be displayed, and then type a V, the
debugger's "View a Q-reg" command.  Then type an escape, so that View
Q-reg is prepared to read a variable name instead of a Q reg name.
Now type in "buffer filenames" and hit return.

4.  The value of Buffer Filenames is displayed beneath the line
"Q$Buffer Filenames".  I bet it is zero.

5.  You might as well ^C out at this point.