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TECO host problem

    Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1985  09:57 PDT

    Hi, I have an emacs (teco?) problem for you.  SRI-AI has a "big" host
    number (whatever that means).  EMACS here apparently truncates this host
    number (perhaps by using the NOHOST jsys) which fucks up babyl and the
    fancy mode line (and maybe other things).  What I'd like to know is
    whether this has been fixed at MIT (our EMACS is at least a couple
    years out of date) and if so how to get a new EMACS (teco?) source and
    how to compile it.  Can you help?  Or know who could?  Thanks.

I don't understand this report.  Can you supply more bits?

In any case a new EMACS tape should be appearing "Real Soon Now."