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VTS wizard needed

I need to find someone who can answer a couple questions about
interaction between EMACS and OZ's VTS.  Surely there must be someone
out there who can.

Here's what I'm trying to figure out.  When using Kanef's AYEWBF
program, it tries hard to put notifications into the echo area when
the job being run is EMACS.  It also does the same sort of thing for
particular other jobs, such as LISP.

Well, this works fine running LISP:  notifications get put into the
bottom of the screen.  But in the last few months, this stopped
working for EMACS.  Kanef says the same code in AYEWBF is responsible
for doing notifications regardless of whether one is in EMACS or LISP,
and hence that EMACS is doing something strange with VTS that AYEWBF
can't deal with.  The symptom when running EMACS is that, instead of
putting a notification in the right place, it gets blurted out where
ever the cursor happens to be, preceded by "RL".

Kanef can't fix this; he doesn't know enough about MIT's VTS, and
there are other problems besides.  But *I* will fix this, if I can
find someone who can answer questions about VTS and what EMACS does
with it.

I realize that VTS is a can of worms.  What I'm trying to do is
probably not hard.  Any takers?  Please respond directly to me, not to
one of the lists above.  Thanx much!