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Tab vs. Supdup

    Date: Tuesday, 7 May 1985  15:45-EDT
    From: Gail Zacharias <GZ>

Thanks for the advice; I will write a program to call STCHR% and set
things up correctly.  Where is this documented?

    I don't understand why you're having problems with supdup.  You mean you
    can't use the supdup program to go to other sites?  As far as I can see the
    program goes into binary mode, and so should be transmitting full 8 bits.

At no time am I using the supdup program.

The problem is that when I use a dialup, I'm only getting 7 bits
transmitted to me (apparently with even parity).  The supdup codes
come get transmitted by OZ, but when I get them some of them don't
have the eighth bit turned on.

The other problem about the supdup input escapes is that when I send
^\ (octal 034) to OZ, nothing special happens; so none of the supdup
escape sequences can be used.  Will STCHR% fix this too?