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Wordstar mode for EMACS?

Well, does anyone have such a thing?  (Yes, i know - please dont tell
me about running 8008 simulations on a cray and such...)

Bill W
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Date: Wed 17 Apr 85 22:51:27-PST
From: Francis Colcord <L.LAF%LOTS-B@LOTS-B>
To: billw%Score@LOTS-B
Subject: emacs

I would like to know if any one has written an Emacs initialising file which 
would make emacs pretend that it is wordstar.  I once knew Emacs, but have 
since been using a micro running wordstar.  I would like to edit files on LOTSB 
using emacs, but I cannot remember all of the commands.  I thought that an
initialising file would prevent me from haveing to learn Emacs again.
Please send me the file if you have it somewhere.  I would really appreciate it.
					Frank Colcord
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