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[Mary Stahl <STAHL@SRI-NIC.ARPA>: emacs weirdness]

There are two versions of Augterm around... one has that
key being a BACKSPACE (CONTROL-H) and one has it being
DELETE.  We generally have not used any of the ones where
it is DELETE because they also have a loud BELL (other
Augterm is silent on receipt of bell).  So, the behavior
you describe is the normal way it should behave.

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From: Mary Stahl <STAHL@SRI-NIC.ARPA>
Subject: emacs weirdness
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Using the editor in MM, I am finding that it is doing a strange thing.
It does not recognize the backspace/delete key (that's <- on my
terminal) while I am editing.  Instead, input from that key is
interpreted as a <control>B, and causes the cursor to backspace a
character.  To delete the previous character, I must hold down the
<control> key while pressing the <- key.  This is a change since
Friday, the last time I used EMACS in MM.  Any clues?

- Mary