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META-$ bug

When trying to spelling check a word, ISPELL tells me "filename was not
specified", and then bounces me into command level.  When I QUIT ispell,
I go back to EMACS and get an ESP error (error with spelling program).
I have not been able to reproduce the error with just any string, so here
is the offending text (I get the spelling error when trying to check the
word "persuasion"):
*Hi!  I''m a friendly 6-3 student, trying to make it at M.I.T.  Formerly a
*professional actor (what the !@#$ am I doing here?), I now sing with
*the Logarhythms, a barbershop singing group here at the ''Tute.  As far as
*computers go, I''ve been hacking micros for quite some time, especially
*Commodores.  I (think I) am interested in micros and networking, although
*I''m always open to persuasion.  I will be the first to admit that I love
*the low-level stuff - I guess that I''m just a really low character.  Bye!