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Strange ^X ? and ^X ( interaction

The simplest way to demonstrate this bug is to start up a bare EMACS
without any INIT file, then type:
	C-X ? (
which gives you the blurb on ^R Start Kbd Macro.  It also appears to
smash everything connected with keyboard macros, because if you then
try to repeat the C-X ? ( you get a QNS error.  If you actually try to
execute C-X ( you get another error.  M-X Apropos$Kbd$ works OK if you
don't do the C-X ? (, telling you about all sorts of stuff in the
KBDMAC library, but otherwise will only tell you about ^R Start Kbd Macro,
and it's not even on C-X ( anymore anyway.

This is KBDMAC 41, EMACS 163, TECO 1214, on SRI-NIC (TOPS-20).