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emacs for microcomputer

    Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1985  15:27 EST
    From: Blythe%MIT-OZ@MIT-MC.ARPA
    Subject: emacs for microcomputer
    I have a letter inquiring about the availability of EMACS for the DEC
    Rainbow 100.  Does this exist?  Thanks.

damned if i know. explanation: EMACS is a kind of editor, rather than a
particular implementation. the original one was written in TECO on ITS. it
was ported (almost unchanged) to TENEX/TWENEX.  A slightly different EMACS
was written in MacLisp on Multics. various other EMACes or almost-EMACes
have been written for other machines. as smaller machines have been
produced, various people have written EMACes or close-to-EMACS editors for
them. many of the editors for personal computers have varying degrees of
resemblance to the original EMACS. i don't know much about them, so i can't
comment on which would be the closest for the DEC Rainbow. maybe someone
else on BUG-EMACS can give you better information.