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    Date: Tue 22 Jan 85 14:47:08-PST

    I have a Z29 terminal and have defined the keypad to do various
    functions under EMACS.  I also have set MM so that it enters the
    editor to enter text.  This works just fine and all my special
    keys function correctly.  If I exit (^X^Z) and return to the send
    prompt of MM and then change my mind and want to re-edit (edit to
    the send prompt) the keypad keys have their functions all
    scrambled.  They still do an EMACS function but not the one I had

If you want to load function keys and the definitions go away when emacs
resets the terminal, it isn't enough just to type out the load commands
in your init file.  Your init file must also arrange for FS TTY MACRO
(q.v.) to type out the commands when the terminal is re-inited.