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Emacs c-X c-W doesn't increment the "number of writes to file" fdb halfword

    Date: Wed, 21 Nov 1984  10:30 EST
    From: Chris Lindblad <CJL%MIT-OZ@MIT-MC.ARPA>
    In-reply-to: Msg of 21 Nov 1984  06:26-EST from Leigh L. Klotz <KLOTZ at MIT-MC>

        Date: Wednesday, 21 November 1984  06:26-EST
        From: Leigh L. Klotz <KLOTZ at MIT-MC>

        EMACS doesn't open files that it writes to directly.  It opens _TECO_
        OUTPUT or ⊗[TECO.OUTPUT, and then does a rename.  This causes several
        problems on certain operating systems.  For instance, LPT: doesn't support

    I checked a little further, and discovered that the RENAME command has
    the same problem, so this seems to be a bug in RNAMF%. When a new file
    with FBBK0 word 0,,0 is renamed to an existing file with fbbk0 word
    1,,1, the resulting file has fbbk0 word 1,,1, where it should have 0,,0.

One would think DUMPER would also remember the creation date?  Or
does rename toss the new one away?

[All this kludgery I've seen suggested (and probably implemented
by now) is making my stomach turn.]