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[no subject]

Strange thing happened under following circumstances:

After logging in as se.rlk from supdup from mit-ford (system 94.39 for
now) --

I did ps5:out.

This is a trivicalc program written in CLUse.  I can provide the
sources.  Nothing much happened -- I ^C'd out and did a ter ans to
exec in case that was why my trivicalc didn't work.  I reset out and
tried again, again I ^C'd out because nothing happened.

I then did ter sup to reset the terminal type, and typed emacs.  I got
an error in error handler something about a q-register being
non-alphabetic or non-numeric or something like that.

I ^C'd, renamed my emacs.vars file to get it out of the way, and reset
emacs. I tried again, same result.

I finally logged out and back in, and got it to work.


I will leave <se.hoops>out.exe (the full name of the program) on
oz:<zzz.rlk>out.exe or oz:<zzz.rlk.old-se>out.exe.  The sources for
that if you need them will be in the same place -- *.clu -- note that
the top-level module is named foo.clu.

Since you can't change a supdup terminal on oz, you'll have to move it
back to ee.  Before Monday you can log in as se.rlk, password hoops.