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Emacs c-X c-W doesn't increment the "number of writes to file" fdb halfword

    Date: Wednesday, 21 November 1984  10:30-EST
    From: Chris Lindblad <CJL>
    I checked a little further, and discovered that the RENAME command has
    the same problem, so this seems to be a bug in RNAMF%. When a new file
    with FBBK0 word 0,,0 is renamed to an existing file with fbbk0 word
    1,,1, the resulting file has fbbk0 word 1,,1, where it should have 0,,0.

If RNAMF% is changed, I think it should set the word to 0,,0
regardless of anything else.  Even if a @renamed file has been backed
up under the old name, it should get backed up again under the new