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Bug in "File is off-line" error handling

I just got a "file is off line" error when I tried to examine it with the
command bound to E in Dired.  Immediately after getting the error message, I
typed "?" to get a list of DIRED commands, so I could see if there was one to
help me queue a retrieval request.  What I got was a teco stack trace.

I vaguely remember something mentioning that this was a feature; I'm not sure.
If it's not, then the symptoms above show a bug.  If it is, then it seems to
me that this feature is only useful to those who are teco hackers and can only
confuse the rest of us.

Perhaps this feature could be controlled with a switch, which defaults to off,
i.e. don't make "?" after an error mean something special.  That way, people
who don't know or don't care about handling teco errors don't have to contend
with "?" changing meaning out from under them, and the smaller group of people
actively teco hacking can keep their "?" habit.

(If you don't like the switch idea, a "file is off line" condition should not
be considered an error in the same sense that a real teco error is.  A real
teco error is unwanted and should be debugged, but a "File is off line"
condition is just rare.)

- Mark