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Bug inside babyl library

The Babyl library seems to be loading ok for the rest of us, and
it hasn't changed on OZ since April.  So, I expect the problem is
with your vars files.  I have looked at <SUNDAR>EMACS.VARS and
BABYL.VARS and am not sure exactly what the problem is, but have
a couple comments:

1. It is unclear from your bug message what exactly is happening,
in particular, how Babyl is being loaded.  It sounds like it is
being loaded from your EMACS.VARS file.  However, your current
EMACS.VARS, at least, does not load BABYL and you do not include
a sample of the file.  Perhaps you mean that you are loading it
by hand, either with M-X Load Libraryâ—ŠBABYL<return> or C-X R?

2. Your entry for Babyl Setup Hook in your BABYL.VARS has a bug:

Babyl Setup Hook: "1MMLoad Libraryâ—ŠBBOARDâ—Šw
	...∩m: M.M Mail with template◊"

The hook contains Teco code, and that second line is not Teco --
that form is only handled by EMACS for VARS files.  I am also not
sure what the intent is behind that second line.  Is it intended
to bind C-M-M INSIDE Babyl? -- if so, you should know that,
unfortunately, the Babyl command processor does not handle C-M-
commands, and doesn't follow that command-binding convention (of
setting the q-register ...∩m or similar ∩ qregs).

If the line is intended to bind a key within normal EMACS,
outside Babyl, there is also a problem:  you cannot bind an EMACS
key to a Babyl command since that command disappears when Babyl
is unloaded.  UNLESS you will arrange your VARS file to keep
Babyl loaded at all times.  (Which brings us back to point 1

In summary, we need more information.  First, just try removing
that second line of the hook and see if that helps at all.  Then
provide us with the intentions of the VARS files (as regards
Babyl) and the relevant code from the files or the manner in
which you load Babyl.