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PRIN1 value not having anything to do with PRINT'ing

I do not consider this an acceptable reply:

    Date: 25 AUG 1978 0932-EDT
    From: HIC at MIT-MC (Howard I. Cannon)
    To: KMP at MIT-MC, (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC
    I guess the feeling is that if you are doing an explicit PRINT,
    then you could just as well do an explicit MY-OWN-PRINT.
    What you really want to use are SFA's...
[1] SFA's are not yet available.
[2] I should not have to write my own printer. This is
    exactly what the PRIN1 handle is for. The idea is that I
    have whole slews of stuff written already. I want to
    patch your PRIN1 so it does what I want. I will not go
    and edit all the code changing all PRINT's to MY-OWN-PRINT.

Please re-install PRIN1 to work on PRINT'd stuff. Thanx --kmp