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The tops-10 padding problem.

No it is not a tops-10 problem but a LISP problem since
it is a feature of 1804 and not of 1771. The p[roblem
is first evedent by the fact that the * at top-level is
missing part of the time.  Where it really shows up however
is when ^K or ^L is used and the first 5 characters are
never printed.  Anyway it used to be fine in all lisps
before 1804 (i.e. 1771 for example).

Also 1804 still has the truname bug (did I already report that??)

Ah well, I made a COMPLR with CCLOAD which now works fine.
Everything else looks ok.  Ah, I looked in the code and saw
code that was attempting to grab the pure page violations
of setqing t and nil. But that code must be turned off, since
the monitor gets the trap.

See you around.