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Date: Sun, 2 Apr 79 05:58:34 GMT
Original-Date: 02/04/79 01:58:34 EDT
MACSYMA UDF handler evals args first before determining that function
does not exist.

BTW, this might be a LISP bug.  As JLK, RLB, MRG, JONL, HIC, and I 
probably all remember it was a real bitch to get a user UNDF-FNCTN 
(sic) handler to work at all.  Levels of evaluation were a real problem, 
and the user handler does not fit in well in the LISP system.  When HIC 
and I last left it, he (and JONL I think) determined that it was not 
worth the effort to track down all the problems to get it to work 
perfectly, and what MACSYMA has was thought to be the best compromise