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image-output on TTY for TOPS-10

Henry Baker is screaming for for this - probably is trying to do
a kind of EMACS under lisp.  Here is something he asked me the other
day - do you have any ideas?

I desparatly need some way of doing image mode output on the TTY!  Re-opening
the tyo file in image mode and re-ttyconsing doesn't do the actual image thing
on TOPS-10.  The right monitor call to use is:
	TTYCALL 15,char
for image mode (it outputs an 8 bit character "char").  This mode is called
"IONEOU" in the tops-10 manual.  Therefore, one can say:
	IONEOU char
instead.  For reference, the standard way to do character outtput on tops-10
	TTYCALL 1,char
Since this is called "OUTCHR", one can also say:
	OUTCHR char
instead.  IONEOU sends the low 8 bits (and ignores high bits), while
OUTCHR sends the low 7 bits (and ignores high bits).