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Well JONL, I goto the new LISP (1771) and COMPLR (864)
up and running fine.  They are certainly an improvement
over the 15xx LISP I had. However here follow some bugs:
1) This one is from last time though a bit better.
What SFD a file is in is still confusing to the LISP.
When one opens a file in another SFD (or back in yours
if you set your PATH to another one) the correct file
really is opened, but part of LISP doesn't believe it.
The SFD used in the PNAME of the file object and the SFD
returned by TRUEname are WRONG! These two always
just use the value of UDIR and not reality.  However,
NAMELIST, NAMESTRING, and DEFAULTF all return the correct
value when given the file object.
2) The initial value of the variable DEFAULTF is set to
UNAME rather than UDIR. I think it should be the latter.
3) SETQ'ing T and NIL no longer completely detonate the
LISP any more, but they do cause a write into read-only
memory and and an REE does not work, only a START.
4) In building a COMPLR, CCLOAD does not work.  Things terminate
with an error that looks a lot like a setq of T or NIL.
I was able to make a complr by just loading in the appropriate
files and doing and initialize and a cdump.  However,
it would be tter if the CCLOAD really did work.  The CO(MPLR I manot had e
extensive testing done to it.