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Scheme broken on OZ today.

I am responsible for the SCHEME lossage.  Tried patching the
binary via a RPLACA on the file system, but the filesystem
put LISP.EXE.2130 into limbo instead and SCHEME lost.

Even though "Many sites around the country are running
perfectly well with old versions of Maclisp,"
there are bugs in MACLISP:  programs that ran on ITS don't
run in TOPS-20.  Several months ago I sent in a bug report
and nothing was done; I patched EXE.2129 and asked where the
canonical sources were.  EXE.2130 didn't have the patch,
so I edited the sources on OZ and tried to repatch EXE.2130,
but lost.

Who is doing the maintenance?  Where are the canonical sources?

It is pointless to extend MACLISP even to put in CODE and DATA space;
you're begging for a raft of new bugs.  The reliability and
readibility of COMPLR alone should be persuasive enough to
kill that notion.  And just for a factor of 2?