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Scheme broken on OZ today.

It is not a good thing to hack the Maclisp directory at will on OZ
without considering what programs depend on it. This goes for *any*
changes, whether as seemingly trivial as assembling a new version
with a trivial change, patching the binary, or making changes to the
lisp sources.

Mumble. What can I say, here are a few points to consider:
(1) Many sites around the country are running perfectly well with
    old versions of Maclisp.
(2) There have been no significant functional change in Maclisp in a while.
(3) There are many many untested changes accumulated in the sources.
(4) The history of SCHEME in maclisp is frought with lossage like this,
    inconsistently hacked versions of LISP, COMPLR, macro sources, etc.

You want to do some real maclisp hacking? Think about how to do
an extended addressing hack with seperate CODE and DATA space.
Think about adding a real string primitive datatype.
These two things would significantly extend the useful life of maclisp.