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Assembling MacLISP under TOPS-10

Several mesages will be printed out that do not reflect true
"errors", but were merely inserted in the source code so that
the lisp maintainers would be reminded of some lacunae
in the non-ITS versions.  The comment about "###### HOW TO SHAR WITH PURQIO FILES"
is no problem.

On the other hand, the VECALL undefined is a true error, and is
probably symptomatic of some failure to conditionalize code for
the SAIL-specific assembly (SAIL is a variant of TOPS-10).

It's generally true that non-virtual-memory TOPS-10 sites have
troubles running anyything interesting in MacLISP;  a total
core allotment of about 100K would be reasonable for the Compiler,
and as I recall, many sites restrict the random user to about
40K or so.  See if you can get a larger allotment "late at nite".