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    Date: 21 February 1982 00:07-EST
    From: Donald E. Hopkins <A2DEH at MIT-MC>
    Subject: Lisp bug?
    To: BUG-LISP at MIT-MC

    	There seems to be a problem in Lisp with EQ... I did the 

    (setq a (readline))<cr>		; Just hit cr
    (eq '|| a)
    NIL				; Huh?!

Readline does not return an interned symbol. Use (INTERN (READLINE)) if
you want to the result of the readline to be placed on (or found on if it's
already there) the obarray for comparison with other things seen by READ.

    (setq b (implode nil))
    (eq b '||)
    NIL				; *SIGH*

The correct answer to this EQ is T. I cannot reproduce your NIL result.